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Tai Pei Plans Book

As an undergraduate student at DePaul I worked heavily on the National Student Advertising Competition submission for Tai Pei Frozen Asian Food in 2017. My team submitted a 27-page plans book fully detailing our campaign proposal including research, analytical predictions, and statistical evidence backing our suggestions. 

Here are some of the pages from the final plans book!

SeaWorld: A Study Of Their Crisis Communications

During my last quarter in the graduate program I took a class on crisis communication styles focusing on past case studies involving small & large-scale national crisis in the media, trying to gain an understanding of how to predict a future crisis and prepare your company for what may be to come. 

The final project was to evaluate a recent crisis in the media and examine step-by-step what happened and how the company reacted. Ours was on SeaWorld, post release of "Blackfish." 

In loving memory: how Facebook preserves our lives, forever

One of my final projects in my graduate career was to research an ethical topic facing popular media today. I chose to dive into the secret side of what happens to a user's Facebook account when they pass away, and who takes over ownership of all of their information. Ultimately using my scholarly- cited research I had to decide, is what Facebook does ethical?  

Read the essay linked blow and find out. 

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